Other Services

Education Service Center 13 Building Exterior

In addition to its core roles and responsibilities, the 鶹ý partners with Education Service Centers, provides support to children in military families and homeless students, and maintains up-to-date information on weather and disaster-related education issues.

Education Service Centers

The Office of the Director of Education Service Centersencompasses functions related to managing the relationship between 鶹ý and the 20Regional Education Service Centersthat serve Texas schools.

Homeless Students

The Homeless Education page provides information on federal rules concerning the education of homeless students.

Military Families

The Division of Regional Services serves as the contact for Resources for Military Families in Texas, including participation in the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children. The division facilitates the work of the compact and alternate compact commissioners representing Texas to the compact commission. The division assists military families, who have moved to Texas from a compact state, to enter school, be appropriately placed, and graduate.

School Safety Resources

Educators across our state are committed to the safety of every student in the classroom and on their campuses. The 鶹ý shares that commitment and provides this listing of resources in support for achieving that goal.

鶹ý Secure Applications Information

The Secure Applications Information page provides listings of all of the agency applications as well as information about secure access. 鶹ý is committed to protecting confidential and sensitive data. Access to data in 鶹ý secure web applications is protected by at least one of 鶹ý's security gateways, the or by the . See the list below for information about how to request access to a specific 鶹ý web application.

Weather and Disaster Issues

鶹ý provides up-to-date information about weather, influenza, and other disasters that affect Texas schools, includingfrequently asked questions about disaster situations.

  • Hurricane Harvey Resources

    The Hurricane Harvey Resources page is the central hub for schools to get information from 鶹ý regarding Hurricane Harvey. Our goal is to assist school districts experiencing the effects of the hurricane by providing timely information and support.